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Do you write resumes and live in a town called Plano?

It happens that the original registrar wrote resumes and lived in a town called Domains for SalePlano. Lots of jokes about “Plano” resumes but seriously…’s a catchy name for a resume business.

This domain was created on 9/15/2009 and is connected to an active website which gives additional credibility.  Interested, click here.  Pricing information will shown when you select “Yes” on the domain page. is For Sale

Domains for SaleAre you looking for a domain for too much of everything?

This domain was originally registered on 10/13/2012, just before the 2012 elections. I was listening to a popular talk radio show and the host was discussing having a “glut fest” if incumbent candidate lost. They were going to have a tremendous celebration to over do, over eat, party, enjoy and raise the roof. Unfortunately, the politician was re-elected so it was not a glutfest.

Now it’s time for the 2016 elections…will there be another glutfest? I suppose it depends on which side you’re on but it helps to be prepared.

If you are planning a celebration or just want to blog about excesses, over doing, over eating or “over” anything else, this is the domain for you! is a domain for sale.

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