As a small business, we depend on our affiliates to generate additional income to support our efforts.  We have different relationships with different vendors.  We make every effort to give an honest and straight forward review of products shown on our site.

Clicking on a link will usually (but not always) take you to another website.  Our privacy policy and terms of use are listed at the bottom of our pages.  Be sure also to review the policies of other websites you use as they may be different.  It is always a good idea to have a current anti-virus software installed on your computer.  We use AVG and another of our businesses is a reseller so we’re happy to sell it to you if you’re interested.  Please complete the form below for more information about AVG solutions for your internet protection.

We use @ithemes products for our development endeavors and recommend them to others.  We also participate in their affiliate program.  We also use @iThemesTraining for training but it is currently being revamped.

We offer web hosting, domain registrations, website design etc. so let me know if you’re interested in these services.  You can register a domain and sign up for web-hosting for $12.95 per month. Save money if you pay for 6 months or 1 year.

We’re undergoing a few changes with our website and some areas are being tested so please, if you need information please complete the form below.

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