Premium WordPress Security – Chris Wiegman Joins iThemes

We are big iThemes fans.  We use the products and yes, we are an affiliate. The premium plugins and training we get from the iThemes team makes our job much easier.  If we “need to know” something, is our first stop.

Free plugins are great but with so many individual developers, we prefer to use premium plugins with a support team who knows how their plugins play within their group and how they play with others.  There is currently a sale going on and you will receive 40% off site-wide so go there now and checkout the offerings and use the coupon code on the site. We appreciate your support of Berta’s Web and iThemes.

Security is always a concern if you have a website but WordPress Security is on our mind because 95% of the sites we manage run WordPress.  Chris Wiegman, author of the Better WP Security plugin (and iThemes has purchased said plugin), is joining iThemes and we look forward to seeing what comes next….. You can read the iThemes announcement/blog post via the link below:

WP Security Expert Chris Wiegman Joins iThemes [blog post]