Secured or unsecured do you know the difference?

Just because you have to have a password to get in, doesn’t mean you are using a secure network.  The network is only as secure as the other people with the password.

If you let other people use your home network, you should require that they have up to date antivirus installed on their computers.  If their computer has a virus and uses your network, it can infect your network.

If you have iPhones and iPads, be sure to install the new update as soon as it is available. The problem with the Apple products is a little different. You should have some protection when communicating securely between your device and a secure website via any network but there was a little problem with a “handshake”.  It allows the hacker to get in between the initial verification “handshake” connection between the user and the destination server, enabling the “intruder” to appear as a trusted endpoint.

I’m sure we haven’t heard the end of this story because the full severity of the flaw has yet to surface.

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