Mail at your domain, shouldn’t you be using it?

One thing which has always bugged me is seeing a business using AOL, Gmail or Yahoo for their email.  Most of them have a website which means they have the domain.  Is it because their designer/developer charges more to host email and the others are free?

Most website hosting comes with email.  Did you register your domain or did your website person register it for you?  If your designer/developer is hosting for you and charges extra for email, it doesn’t make sense not to spend the extra bucks to have

Did you know that your email is more likely to be treated as junk mail if you’re using one of the free email accounts?  Using an may also drive more traffic to your site.  If I want to know more about someone’s business, I always check to see if there is a website at the domain.

The flip side is people who use for email but don’t have a website at that domain.  Most don’t even have the dreaded “under construction” page or at least a “future home of XYZ Enterprises” on a page.  These are all important pieces to your successful web presence.


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