Beware of Gravity Forms Paypal Standard Add-on update 2.0

First let me say it?  I love Gravity Forms. I use it a lot.  I use the Mail Chimp and Paypal add-on.  I use them a lot on several different websites.

Did I also say that I don’t like surprises?  Okay, some surprises are okay but not when it comes to unexpected results from a plugin update.

Imagine my surprise when I updated the Gravity Forms Paypal Standard Add-on to 2.0 on a non-profit website which uses a lot of forms, all connected to Paypal!  When I went to the Paypal section of the forms menu, a screen pops up…

Gravity Forms Paypal Standard Addon

No big deal, it will just appear in a different place.  Wrong!  I click the box to say I understood the change and boom!  All of the Paypal feeds had to be recreated. Here I sit, typing this blog post and updating Paypal feeds on a website because tomorrow is another day and donations need to be collected.

I read the update on the Gravity Forms Website and didn’t see anything about the feeds being reset in the announcement blog post.  Maybe I read it but the meaning didn’t sink into my thick, tired skull.

The reason for this quick post is to let you know to be prepared to recreate all of your Paypal feeds if they are using Gravity Forms Paypal Standard Add-On version 2.0 so you won’t be surprised too.

Update:  There is an upgrade routine which is supposed to run so maybe it will update the feeds for some.

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  1. Curious about the upgrade routine you mentioned… I’m not seeing anything in the backend about that…

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