Spotlight on Builder by iThemes

[pb_frolic account=”0″ object=”0″][pb_frolic account=”1″ object=”1″]Now that our portfolio page is finally up and running you can see a small sampling of the variety Builder and it’s child themes can give your WordPress installation.

Builder is the core which uses building blocks.  Child themes work with Builder to provide the “look” for your site.  A website can quickly and easily be built without ever touching any code.

This site ( is a Builder child theme.  I love the plugins which allow me to create designs and provide critical functionality on the fly.  I’m using the “Tipsy” plugin to display information when you hover over certain words or topics.

I backup my WordPress sites with BackupBuddy by iThemes. It’s good protection but it also makes it easier to move a development site to a live location.  It’s certainly worth checking out if you’re a freelancer or considering giving WordPress a try.

There are lots of free WordPress plugins as well.  I also use several of those but for my purposes, it’s great to have the iThemes team behind me so I can meet a client need more quickly.

If you’re looking for training on WordPress, iThemes can help with that too!  They offer lots of free courses via but I love being able to go back and review the material at my own speed.

iThemes has several packages but their Developer’s Toolkit has everything for WordPress site designer.

Builder themes work very well with Gravity Forms so give them a try as well.

Gravity Forms Contact Form Plugin for WordPress