Excerpt from a Disclosure Statement!

I have several websites.  Several are personal in nature but even a personal site needs a disclosure statement, correct?  In the interest of being plain spoken and the spirit of humor, the following text is an excerpt from one of my family tree sites.

  • “One thing to remember, if it’s posted here, it’s public so we don’t want to put any personal information here like full birth dates & full names.  Girls, stop using your maiden names for passwords.  Choose another term for your personal identification because your maiden name is fairly easy to find using the internet.
  • There may be ads or links that will take you to another website owned by me or one in which I have a financial interest.  I don’t have an interest in all links.  I will also offer to add links to other family members who have a web presence for their business.  I’m also willing to give advice and make recommendations to people (no charge) if requested.  However, if you do actually take my advice and need a product or service from me, there may be a charge.  :-)
  • Use this site at your own risk.  I would not intentionally misrepresent or mislead but regrettably there are people out there who will and they don’t come in through the front door.  This is just a way to say that I don’t have control over the internet or most things related to the internet so always with the internet proceed with caution.”

All of the “legal” talk of the “terms of service” for a site along with the necessary disclosures with regard to affiliate links and financial interest stuff is boring and most people don’t read it anyway but don’t despair!  Just remember, using the internet is like having safe sex, either abstain or protect yourself as best you can with a good anti-virus/firewall and think before you click!

Yes, the following graphic is advertising.  If you click on it and buy something, I may make a buck!

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